Mz Millipede

The magical Mz Millipede has lived beneath her secret blue clubhouse for hundreds of years!

Mz Millipede's House

She is not your average Millipede! Whether changing color at will, growing tall or shrinking very small—Mz Milli will surprise you on every page.

Mz Millipede writes fun-filled story-poems about all the hilarious exciting characters she meets on her travels. Enjoy SKINK THE SKOUSE, half skunk and half mouse, and a Panda who feasts only on pancakes! Can you guess his name? Yup—PANDACAKE! There’s the FROOGLEY MAN who loves to nibble on kids feet after dark, and LOLLIPOP PREETA who will finish off more than her lollipop if you dare ask for a bite!

Mz Millipede's Art Room
Mz Millipede writes poetry for kids and grown-up kids!

Please stop by to visit Mz Milli and all the curious characters in PUKEY POETRY: Tale Ticklers By Mz Milipede. She invites you to join her on a millipede’s dare!

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