Mz Millipede’s House

The magical Mz Millipede has lived beneath her secret blue clubhouse for hundreds of years!

Mz Millipede's House
Mz Millipede's House

She is not your average Millipede! Whether changing color at will, growing tall or shrinking very small—Mz Milli will surprise you on every page.

Mz Millipede's Art Room

Mz Millipede writes fun-filled story poems about the hilarious characters she meets on her travels. She loves to paint and every poem is illustrated with her whimsical friends such as SKINK THE SKOUSE, who is half skunk and half mouse — LOLLIPOP PREETA, who has the biggest lollipop in the world — and LATRINA LAFAYETTE, the ostrich who owns a coterie of her own strange pets.

Mz Millipede writes poetry for kids and grown-up kids!

Please stop by to visit Mz Milli
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She invites you to join her on a millipede’s dare!