Pukey Poetry

Tale Ticklers by Mz. Millipede

by Dorianne Allister Winkler

Discover the magical world of Mz Millipede! Her hilarious poems and illustrations open the hearts of children everywhere when they meet up with the likes of Toe-Jam Sam, Skink the Skouse, Gaggleburps and many more outrageously fun-filled characters.

Mz Milli is not your average millipede! Whether changing color at will, growing super tall or shrinking very small—she will surprise you on every page.

Look out for the Froogley Man who loves to nibble on kid’s feet after dark—or Lollipop Preeta who will finish off more than her lollipop if you dare to ask for a bite!

This elaborately illustrated children’s picture book is perfect for kids and grown-up kids.  Mz Milli invites you to enter her exciting world of magic… on a millipede’s dare!

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