Bloated Toaded

I swallowed: fifty flies today One hundred flying ants Sixty noisy crickets and Some very tasty plants. Grubs and slugs and juicy worms I stuffed into my belly, Until a voice behind me said “I’d love some fresh toad jelly!”

ToeJam Sam

There is a man named Toe-Jam Sam Who lives behind our school, He never cuts his fingernails Or toenails as a rule. He never ever takes a bath, He never cuts his hair, He mostly eats potato chips And crumbs are everywhere! I’m thinkin’ that when I grow up I’d like to...

Candice Cotta’s Cotton Candy

Candice Cotta’s cotton candy Cannot possibly compete With Carolina’s creamy custard Cooked with crunchy cockroach feet! So Candice Cotta quickly caught And cooked a cricket stew, That chirped and creaked so loudly Her competition couldn’t...

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