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Dorianne Allister Winkler, author of Pukey Poetry: Tale Ticklers by Mz Millipede resides in the colorful island of Kauai, Hawaii where she shares her art studio with a mixed bag of colorful insects and animals and as she notes in her bio, it is not surprising that she has penned a book about a magical millipede.

Reviewed by Bonnie Ferrante

First, I have to say that the illustrations in this book are hilarious. The pages are jam-packed with wonky, colorful, and detailed pictures. As well, kids will love looking for the millipede in each double spread and examining the gross elements. Interview

Meet Dorianne Allister Winkler Author of Pukey Poetry: Tales Ticklers by Mz Millipede. welcomes as our guest Dorianne Allister Winkler author of Pukey Poetry: Tales Ticklers by Mz Millipede.

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